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    Daily Blog Content

    Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

    If you’re a marketer or a business owner, it’s always pleasing to see more customers buying your products or services. For website owners, more traffic to their website means more customers. This is the case for Curlys Carpet Repair since they experienced a surge of customers after making their business become involved online. However, some website owners have no idea how to do this which in return, gives them little to no sales.

    Increasing traffic to your website should be a priority if you want to increase your revenue. So, how does one achieve that? Here are some ways on how you can drive more traffic to your website.

    • Advertise – This one’s very obvious and it applies as a general rule to every business. You can attract online visitors through paid search, display advertising, social media advertising, and many more. This will help build your brand and make your website a must-visit for every customer. You should adjust your paid strategies until it aligns with your goals. Every paid channel comes with pros and cons, so it’s a good practice to plot your objectives carefully so that you won’t burn through your credit card.
    • Get Social – Producing great content and just waiting for people to find it is not a good strategy. Therefore, you should utilize social media channels to further promote your content since this is the place where most people hangout virtually. Twitter can be good for short, snappy links while Google+ is great for personalized search results and can be effective in B2B niches. But if your business focuses on B2C products, you’ll find great tractions on social media sites that focuses more on images like Instagram and Pinterest.
    • Use Irresistible Headlines – When creating content, headlines are very important since it will pique the interest of your readers. An uncompelling headline but with a very comprehensive content may sometimes go unnoticed. Your customers won’t be interested to start reading because the headline alone is enough to drive them off your content. So, make sure to do some rethinking about whatever headline to use before you hit the “publish” button. If you want samples, you can check out the website of the roofing company in Shaughnessy (Kerrisdale Roofing) since they have a pretty good idea about good content marketing.
    • Mix It Up – There’s no magic formula when it comes to the success of content marketing. This is the reason why you need to consider the length and format of your content so that it will appeal to every type of reader. You can use news-based blog posts then combine it with long-form content as well as infographics, videos, and data-driven pieces to deliver maximum impact. If you are unsure about this strategy, then you can check out www.ccrandd.ca to see how well it benefited their company.
    • Incorporate On-Page SEO – If you think that SEO is dead, think again. Optimizing your content for search engines is still valued and practiced by expert marketers. You should add ‘alt text’ to your images, create internal links to new content, add meta descriptions, etc. It won’t take ages to optimize on-page SEO into your content and doing so will help boost your organic traffic.
    • Don’t Neglect Email Marketing – Even though some businesses use content marketing to attract customers, they sometimes forget to incorporate other traditional methods. Email marketing is a powerful tool and if your email blast is successful, it will result in an uptick in traffic. However, you shouldn’t also bombard people with endless emails regarding every update on your business because it will just put them off and ignore future emails from you. You should also take a look into ‘word-of-mouth’ marketing particularly on people who are already benefiting from your products or services. A friendly email reminder regarding your new product or service can also improve traffic to your website as well.

    So, no matter which nature your business falls into, these traffic-increasing methods will surely benefit you. Take the time to incorporate them and you will see an increase in visitors within a few days or months.

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